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Great food is about special people doing special things.


I am passionate about great bbq and how it is created. Now locally, there are many fine restaurants in and around Richmond Va that have great barbecue but I am always on the lookout for the finest barbecue where ever that may be. I love everything about grilling and outdoor barbecues and having friends over. It doesn’t have to be a restaurant, it could be a recipe I discover or a great spot I stumble upon that I want to share with you. I post my favorite grilling tips and recipes on my blog and it’s all free for you to use.

Great barbecue is about special people doing special things. Like a family recipe that spurred enough interest for the owner to take the biggest risk of their lives to open their own place and serve it to the masses. It takes a special person to do this and still be able to run a successful business as well. In my experience some of the best places to get fine barbecue are actually the cozy places with the smoke coming out of the back that are only known by locals. I want you to be able to find out information that you can use to make your backyard barbecue better. For example, what are the best grilling steak times, how to marinate meat or chicken for grilling. What’s the best way to grill chicken kabobs or just a quick delicious way to make a pulled pork sandwich. It’s all here so take a minute, browse and then enjoy!


I remember a trip I took skiing back in college way up in the mountains in the middle of “nowhere”. We stopped to get gas and next to the gas station was a shack, a dirty shack at that, with a big pile of wood on one side and a big chimney on the other billowing smoke. I just had to go inside after all it said “BBQ” on the front somewhere. I stepped inside to find a rickety wooden floor and a counter. In the backroom where there was a curtain and I heard the unmistakable sound of a cleaver hitting a chopping block. A gruff older man threw back the curtain with cleaver in hand and I could see the slab of meat on the table he was preparing. Wow! I was in the right place! Backed beans simmered on the fire and an order flew out of my watering mouth, “I’ll try ….”. That was some of the best barbecue I ever had and it still is stuck in my mind to this day. I am still looking for that place here or near Richmond Va for that very special and memorable Richmond BBQ.

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