Crock Pot BBQ

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When there are time constraints crock pot bbq gives me the highest quality barbecue and also provides a affordable alternative to getting it from my favorite local shop. So what I ended up doing is some experimentation and I have developed a great recipe if you want t o give it a try.

I find a suitable butt or shoulder of about 3 pounds that will fit in the slow cooker. These are often on sale and very inexpensive. I season this with salt and pepper or even a bit of my rub. I add a few diced onions and clove of garlic. These will cook so long they will literally disintegrate and add lots of flavor. I add a 1/2 cup of water and turn it on low.

Crock Pot BBQ

Nice Batch of steaming crock pot bbq

I let is cook overnight for about 8 hours and then I remove the pork on a separate plate and drain the juices out of the pot. I then carefully go through the bbq and remove the fat etc… I don’t want and then I pull or chop the remainder and place it back in the pot. Then I add my own sauce or whatever sauce you prefer and let it cook for about another hour being careful to not let the barbecue get dry. At this point you are ready to begin preparing your favorite sandwich! Enjoy!

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