How To Make Barbecue Chicken On the Grill

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How To Make Barbecue Chicken On the Grill
Barbecue Chicken wings being cooked slowly

Barbecue Chicken wings being cooked slowly over charcoal ashes.

There is secret to making barbecue chicken on the grill stay moist and delicious every time.  Chicken breasts on the barbecue grill are among the easiest, healthiest meat cuts you can go for. Low calories and high protein make for a delicious dish when grilled correctly. Sadly, they are also the easiest to dry out. These steps and tips will help you achieve a flavorful, juicy chicken breast and surprise your guests with your barbecuing skills.

1. This step isn’t entirely vital, but it will improve your chicken flavor greatly to marinate it the day before your barbecue and let it simmer overnight. Italian dressing will give it a zesty touch, and you can just pour it from the bottle, but any recipe will do if you care to make it from scratch. Pour it over your chicken breasts in a bowl until they are covered with dressing.

I know, it looks pretty, but the grill was sort of cold. It had too much ash in the grate and wasn’t getting hot enough. It wasn’t until I did some sophisticated voodoo on it that the embers started to glow.

2. Before you start the barbecue, you will want to make sure you have everything you’ll need handy: coal, thong, basting mop and serving plates. A grill that has charred remains of previous cook-outs will give your chicken a burned taste. It’s best to make sure it has been cleaned while cold.

3. Get your fire started. We recommend one hundred percent charcoal, stack it in a pyramid at the center of the grill according to your model’s instructions and douse it with charcoal lighter fluid. Set it on fire, and leave it for about 30 minutes to gain the ideal heat. You’ll know you’re on the right spot when the coal is covered in a light white ash coat. Spread the lumps for even heat and you’re ready to cook.

Barbecue Chicken on the grill with sauce

Can’t claim credit for this cooking, my friend Paul was responsible.

4. Whether you marinated your chicken or not, it’s time to baste your breast cuts. You can add Tabasco sauce, lemon, garlic and peppers to some more Italian dressing for a spicy outcome, or just add some thyme, basil and lemon to melted butter for a soft, flavorful dish.

5. Now you’re all set to lay the chicken breasts evenly over the grill. Basting the chicken again halfway through cooking will make it even tastier and keep it from drying. Using a mop or a spray bottle instead of a brush will keep any dry seasonings from falling off the meat.

6. For a boneless chicken breast, you will want to cook each side for about 5 minutes, for a total of 10-12 minutes or until the juices are running clear. You’re looking for a happy point where the meat is cooked, but not dried out – this will require a lot of attention. Make sure the outside of the chicken is golden but not darkening, as that will give it a burnt taste. When pressed with the thong, the breast should give in and be soft. If hard, it probably overcooked.

7. After removing the cooked chicken breasts from the grill, it is good to make sure it’s been properly done. Slice it open in the center to check if it’s white; if pink you will want to put it back in the grill or an oven to finish cooking.

Enjoy your marinated chicken on the grill!

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