Low Carb Oven BBQ Ribs Recipe

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Low Carb Oven BBQ Ribs Recipe

I’ve come up with a very easy low carb rib recipe which will have your mouth watering! I’ve done the Atkins diet for a few years and the sauces for bbq were always problematic for me because of the sugars. So over time I’ve developed other ways to prepare bbq ribs that don’t have the sugar and are still delicious. Here is my step by step method for cooking the ribs. This is an oven bbq ribs recipe, but can easily be done on the grill as well in foil.

First I get a set of baby back ribs and cut them in half.

I then boil water and boil the ribs on a slow boil for 30 minutes.

Boiled Ribs

Boil Ribs First

Remove from water and dry. Rub with olive oil and coat with liberal amounts of salt and pepper on both sides.

seasoned ribs

Season ribs with salt, pepper and lots of garlic

If you have a rub you like this is the time to lightly coat as well(sugar free rub)

Crush large amounts of garlic about 1 complete head for 1 large baby back.

Spread the garlic on top of the ribs. You may also squeeze a half a lemon over the topĀ  or you may pour some white wine on top. I have done both and either is good.

low carb ribs

Put the garlic back on top after flipping

Preheat oven at 375. We are going to cook these for a total of 45 minutes and flip them (gently) after 15 min so they end up right side up.

easy rib recipe

These are crispy and ready to be served! Yum!

After the 45 mint these will be nice and crispy and tender. Any of the garlic that falls off should be put back on top on the final rotation for flavor. Garnish with fresh parsley and lemon slices(or you favorite sugar free bbq sauce). Enjoy!

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