Richmond’s Best Burgers

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Richmond’s Best Burgers
Best Hamburgers

Best Hamburgers Recipe

Looking for the best burger recipe? The best burgers in Richmond? Well it isn’t Red Robin I can assure you. But I will give a few of my tips on creating burgers that are just amazing! Here’s how I do it.

hot dogs on the grill

You can add a few hot dogs as well!

My recipe is based on keeping it simple. I don’t like burgers with too much going on so I keep it simple. I start with freshly ground sirloin. I prefer my beef grass fed rather than grain fed so I go with that. Then I gently mix in salt and pepper, 2 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce and diced onions (maybe onions I also just put them on top if I have guest). I mix this together gently being careful not to pack it tightly. It will taste like rubber if you pack it to tightly.

best hamburgers

The finished burger!

I preheat the genesis grill to around 450 and put them on to cook till medium rare and add my favorite cheese right before removing from the grill!

Remember grilling your food is the best way and the most affordable! The whole family can participate so have fun and enjoy the outdoors!

family cookout

The whole family can have fun!


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